I Can – Myron Butler & Levi

(verse 1)
I can climb the highest mountain
I can swim the deepest sea
I can overcome, do anything that hinders me I can
I can do the impossible
Rise above the insurmountable
I can reach the unreachable
I can through Christ who…

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Amazing Grace – Myra Walker

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I’m found
was blind but now I see

‘Twas grace that taught me heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear Read More..

Everything – Myron Butler & Levi

Tell me why do you search for happiness
In material things
When they are only temporary
Tell me why do put your trust in man
Time and time again
When they will always let you down

If you just open your eyes
You’ll see…

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Noah’S Ark – Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Choir

Tell me who built the ark
(Oh Noah)
Tell me who built this ark
(Oh Noah and the Lord)
Tell me who built the ark
(Oh Noah)
(Noah built the ark that day)
repeat verse

Verse 1:
Great God Almighty unburden…

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We’Re Gonna Make It – Myrna Summers

I know somehow
I know someway
We’re going to make it
No matter what the test
Whatever comes our way
We’re going to make it

With Jesus on our side
Things will work out fine
We’re gonna make it

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You Are Holy – Motor City Mass Choir

Verse 1:
You are holy, oh so holy.
You are holy, oh so holy.
What a privillage and a honor
to worship at Your throne,
to be called into Your presence as Your own.

Verse 2:
You are worthy, oh so worthy.

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Uncloudy Day – Myrna Summers

Verse 1
Oh, they tell me of a home
Far beyond the skies
Oh, they tell me of a home
So far away
Yes, they tell me of a home
Where no storm clouds rise
Oh, they tell me
Yes, they tell…

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We Behold You – Motor City Mass Choir

We behold You, Most Holy One,
we behold You, Lamb on the throne
as we worship You in reverent view;
we behold You, Jesus our Lord.

Bridge 1:
Holy, holy, Lord, You are Holy.
Worthy, worthy, You’re the Great I Am.
Honor and…

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O How Precious Is The Name – Myrna Summers

When you’re lonely…heart filled with despair
Remember God cares (God cares for you…ooo)
And when you’re in doubt…and can’t find your way out
He will see you through (will see you through…see you through)

Whoa just call (just call on the Name of Jesus)

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We Are Marching – Motor City Mass Choir

We are the children of the Lord Most High
Watching in the spirit with the battle cry
No weapon formed against this army will stand
According to the promise we can take this land

We are marching, we’re gonna take this land
We are marching, we’re…

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