Quiet Lord My Froward Heart

Quiet, Lord, my froward heart,
Make me teachable and mild,
Upright, simple, free from art,
Make me as a weaned child:
From distrust and envy free,
Pleased with all that pleases Thee.

What Thou shalt today provide,
Let me as a child receive;

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Pure Within

Lord, on Thee my strength relies,
O, hear me when I call;
Up to Thee I lift mine eyes,
My Life, my Help, my All.


Source of comfort, Spring of grace,
Cleanse my heart from every sin,
Now reveal Thy smiling face,

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Victory In Jesus

Soldiers of King Jesus, raise the shout again,
Victory in Jesus, victory!
Marching to the music of the glad refrain,
Victory in Jesus evermore.


Victory, victory, victory in Jesus!
Sing His overcoming blood, sing the grace that frees us;
Ring it out more boldly,…

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Victory Ahead

When the hosts of Israel led by God,
Round the walls of Jericho softly trod,
Trusting in the Lord,
They felt the conqueror’s tread,
By faith they saw the victory ahead.


Victory ahead, victory ahead,
Through the blood of Jesus, victory ahead.

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Victorious! Victorious!
Christ has arisen glorious;
Where the fun’ral knell was tolled
Be the hymn of triumph rolled,
Let the palm’s green branches wave
O’er the slumber of the grave;
From its gloom victorious,
Christ has risen glorious,
Christ has risen glorious.…

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Power For Service

Spirit of power, anoint me for service,
Spirit of holiness, cleanse Thou my heart;
Give to my soul of Thyself a new vision,
And a new measure of power impart.


Fill me with power for service and use me;
Is there not some work my…

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King Of The City

King of the City Splendid,
Eternal in the height,
May all our country’s cities
Grow holy in Thy sight;
Cleansed from the deeds of darkness-
Cities of light.

Teach love to gladden children
That know not childhood’s mirth,
Wronged of their rights-no beauty Read More..

Keep On Watching

On the hilltops, on the mountains,
There are gleams of golden light,
For the promised morn is dawning,
And its star is growing bright.


Keep on watching, O ye faithful,
For the time is drawing nigh-
We shall see the King of glory

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Keep Me Wholly Thine

Now to the Fountain of Life I am going,
Jesus, I pray Thee, make me Thine.


Wholly thine, wholly Thine,
Seal and keep me Thine;
Wholly thine, wholly Thine,
Keep me wholly Thine.

All I surrender to Thee, O my Savior,
All to Thy…

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Just One Touch

Just one touch as He moves along,
Pushed and pressed by the jostling throng,
Just one touch and the weak was strong,
Cured by the Healer divine.


Just one touch as He passes by,
He will list to the faintest cry,
Come and be…

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