Lift Those Hands – Marvin Sapp

[Verse 1:]
Lift those hands, ’cause He’s worthy.
Lift those hands, ’cause He’s great.
We were made to give You worship,
lift those hands and praise the Lord today.

[Verse 2:]
Clap those hands, ’cause He’s worthy.
Clap those hands, ’cause He’s great.

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1990- – Michael W. Smith

Oh listen when I say
What does it profit a man now
To gain a fortune
And lose his soul?
To be continued…

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Due Season – Malcolm Williams And Great Faith

I have dealt with things in my life
That did not seem fair
When I prayed for deliverance
Didn’t know I had to go through hell
To get there
Now I realize everything has a reason
God you’ve prepared me
I’m ready for…

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Restoration – Maurette Brown-Clark

(Maurette Brown-Clark)

(No Music):
What would I know about being restored if I never Lost my place?
What would I know about His mercy if I hadn’t gotten out of grace?
Restoration has finally come.
Been restored back to my place in God.

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God’S Got It – Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers

I once was young and now I’m old,
but I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken
nor His seed begging for bread.

Chorus 1:
You just trust and believe
and when you ask you shall receive
(because the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness…

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I Believe – Marvin Sapp

Leader: Lord I believe
I remember tha days, yes
I gave my heart to you Lord
You told me if I

Choir: Trust you
Leader: You would never
Choir: Leave me

Leader: You said you’ll always be there,
An even thou I’ve never seen…

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Run And Tell That – Michael V. Kelsey

Has the Lord done anything for you (You ought to run and tell that)
I’m a living witness my God will see you through (You ought to run and tell that)
Picked me up and turned me around
Placed my feet on solid ground (You ought to…

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All To Jesus – Malcolm Williams And Great Faith

All to Jesus (x3) I surrender
All to Jesus (x3) I surrender

Sopranos: My way of thinking, I give it up
Atlos: The passion in my heart, I give it up
Tenors: If my will is not your will. I give it up

*Sopranos: I surrender my…

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One God – Maurette Brown-Clark

Verse 1:
You are Lord and King,
to the true and living God, we sing,
You are Master of everything;
all creation shall call You King,
all creation crowns You King.

Glory, glory to the one true God,
glory, glory, we call You…

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God Can Never Fail – Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers

Trust and never doubt him
He will never fail you
He knows all the answers
Only believe
He won’t Fail ya
He won’t leave you
God can never fail

He won’t fail
He won’t fail
He won’t fail
Only believe

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