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Why People Are Not Healed – And How To Prevent It

by: Anthony Keith Whitehead

Why are some people not healed when we pray with them?
This is one of the most recurrent questions in the Christian healing ministry. Everyone who has prayed with others for their healing has…

Who Lives Your Life?

by: Anthony Keith Whitehead

We often hear people make remarks like “I live my life to the full” or “No one tells me what to do” and so forth. Those who make such remarks are either worldly people or people whose attitudes are dominated by the…

Is The Church a Friend To Survivors Of Abuse?

by: Brenda Hoffman

After 6 years, I left an abusive relationship with an X partner (we were NOT married) in October 2004. He had verbally, emotionally, psychologically, and sexually abused me since the birth of my daughter in October 2001. He…

What You Do For Others Will Be Done Unto You!

by: Robert Crawford III

This is not a golden rule, but this is what the word says. What you make happen for others, the almighty will make happen for you. When I wake up each morning the very first thing…

The Great Mideast Commission

by: David Ben-Ariel

When the time had come for Jews to return to Zion, God stirred up the spirit of Cyrus and the Jews (Ezra 1:1,5). Not everyone was willing to leave Babylon, having settled in, but others inspired with a pioneer spirit were willing to…

Are They All Healed When You Pray?

by: Anthony Keith Whitehead

Everyone in the healing ministry experiences failure when praying with others for healing. “Failure” in this connection is simply not seeing the healing happen that you prayed for. “Failure” in prayer is never absolute because God always recognises our…

God’s Revelation Through Nature

by: Anthony Keith Whitehead

In the first chapter of his letter to the Romans (vv 18 – 20) Paul speaks powerfully of the way in which God has revealed himself to man. Paul argues that, since the beginning of creation, the power and divine nature of…

Meeting Jesus In Meditation

by: Anthony Keith Whitehead

There are many approaches to prayer. Not least because there are many different needs. But the greatest of all our needs is to get nearer to Jesus. The most powerful form of prayer for this purpose is arguably Christian meditation.

Advertisers And Our Children

by: Anthony Keith Whitehead

Some of the most important Christian principles which we try to pass on to and establish in our children are under threat of being very effectively destroyed by advertisers and their paid assistants, advertising agencies. The latter design, implement and propagate the…

Finding True Happiness: Part Two – Four Sources of Divine Contentment

by: Maurice Perry

There are four sources from which we can experience true divine contentment. Contentment, as defined in part one, is a plateau of the Christian life that every believer must reach in order to be fulfilled spiritually,…

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