What You Do For Others Will Be Done Unto You!

by: Robert Crawford III

This is not a golden rule, but this is what the word says. What you make happen for others, the almighty will make happen for you. When I wake up each morning the very first thing I ask is what can I do for the father today and then I ask a second question, what can I do to help someone else today. Also, how can I make someone else day better? By doing this I have just taken my mind off my problems to help someone else. When you think about your problems you are magnifying them above God therefore you see your problem as being bigger than God. When we take our minds off ourselves and what we want and start concentrating on others we will be able to see and have prosperity in our own lives. To understand this concept from the father is to understand what his specific words can do for you and your family and connect you with prosperity.
I will give you an example of what happen to me. There are three vehicles that my wife and I own now. Several months ago we only had one. We use that vehicle to visit people in the hospitals, go to church, work and take others where they needed to go. We were blessed with a new 2005 car and a small truck along with the current vehicle we now have. This was all done by simply, continuously praying and believing the word of God and standing on his word.
Most people think praying once will do the trick-wrong. You must be consistent so that he knows you are sincere and when you do this he knows he can trust you with more. You see, he wants to give you more but he can’t because you have placed shackles on him. You must learn to seek him for him not for what he can give you because that will come. The key is seeking his face not just his hand. He has much to give us, but he also has much to tell and teach us. So the important point here is seeking and praying for others in their situations and God will come and see about you in your situation. Simply put what you make happen for others he will make it happen for you. When you give it, it will be given unto you 30, 60, 100 fold. Just trust him even if your finances are low, your spouse has left or wants to leave, your child is on drugs or someone is irritating on your job. No matter what it is you began to trust and believe him to take care of these situations for you. After all, this is what he wants to do for you, he knows what’s best; but if you don’t, it place limitations and constraints on him when you don’t believe in him or his word. This does not allow him to act on your behalf.
The Golden Rule Says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When you began following God’s plan you are doing unto others and blessing them in the process you will be blessed.

About The Author

Robert Crawford III has several short stories and articles written on secular and religious encouragement. He has a B.S., M.A., and is a PhD student of business. Previously, he was teaching business, math and basic courses at a local community college. He enjoys teaching, advising and motivating students to their utmost potential. More to come.

This article was posted on August 18, 2005