Breathe Upon Us

Breathe upon us, Lord, from Heaven,
Fill us with the Holy Ghost;
Promise of the Father given,
Send us now a Pentecost.


Breathe upon us, breathe upon us,
With Thy love our hearts inspire.
Breathe upon us, breathe upon us,
Lord, baptize us…

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O Fly To Him

Eternity is drawing near,
O unconverted soul.
Dost thou not fear the troubled waves
That o’er thee soon may roll?


O fly to Him, the blessed One,
Who pleads thy cause on high;
While yet His mercy calleth thee,
Say, wherefore wilt thou…

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Child Of The King

Well if i hold it hold it hold it
til i reach that other shore
i’m gonna praise his name forever
wont have to suffer anymore
there wont be noone to moak me
and noone to laugh in my face
and my jouney wont…

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Believe And Obey

Press onward, press onward, and trusting the Lord,
Remember the promise proclaimed in His Word;
He guideth the footsteps, directeth the way
Of all who confess Him, believe, and obey.


Believe and obey, believe and obey;
The Master is calling, no longer delay:

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Out In The Sunshine

Out in the sunshine of infinite love,
Breathing the fragrance of Eden above;
I am so happy, O Savior divine,
Living or dying, to know I am Thine.


Yes, I am Thine, Lord, I am Thine,
Living or dying, I know I am Thine.


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Now The Day Is Over

Now the day is over,
Night is drawing nigh,
Shadows of the evening
Steal across the sky.

Now the darkness gathers,
Stars begin to peep,
Birds, and beasts and flowers
Soon will be asleep.

Jesus, give the weary
Calm and sweet repose;

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Carry The Light

Many in darkness are far astray,
Carry the light, carry the light,
Spreading the beams of the Gospel day,
Carry the beautiful light;
Tell them the gift of the Father’s love,
How the dear Savior He gave;
Tell them of mercy that smiles above, Read More..

Let Him In

There’s a Stranger at the door,
Let the Savior in, O let the Savior in;
He has been there oft before,
Let the Savior in, O let the Savior in.
Let Him in, ere He is gone;
Let Him in, the Holy One,

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I was made a Christian

I was made a Christian
When my name was giv’n,
One of God’s dear children,
And an heir of heaven.
In the name of Christian
I will glory now,
Evermore remember
My baptismal vow.

I must, like a Christian
Shun all evil…

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It’s A Blessing To Be Alive

It’s a blessing to be alive, it’s a blessing to be alive.
When I think about all the things, that the Lord is
doing for me, I count it as a blessing to be alive. (repeat)

I could have been sleeping in my grave a long time

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