Has God Done Anything For You?
by Maurette Brown-Clark

Part I

Has God done anything for you
Has He done anything for you
Tell me has He done anything for you
Then you oughta clap your hands
Sing hallelujah as loud as you can
Shout if you want to
But tell me how can you just sit there
If God’s done anything for you

Part II

Did he wake you up this morning
(He wake me up this morning)
Did He start you on your way
Let you see a brand (He did it) new dawning
You rose to see the break of day
Were you really all that good (No)
Did you serve Him like you should
(Could’ve done better)
Yet God was faithful and just to forgive you
Each and every time


Oh, Oh you owe God a praise
Oh, Oh you owe Him (repeat)
You owe Him a praise, Oh


Has he done anything (repeat)