Verse 1:
Great is Your love, great is Your power,
great is Your wisdom so we worship You.
Great is Your knowledge, great is Your strength,
now and forever yes, we worship You.


Verse 2:
Great is Your goodness, great is Your wrath,
we bow before Thee just to worship You.
In Your dominion and in Your grace,
we lay prostrate, yes, we worship You.

(Glory to You).

Verse 3:
In all Your splendor and in Your honor,
in all Your beauty, Lord, we worship You.
Here in Your presence, we give You reverence,
in adoration we’ll forever worship You.

Lord, I love You.

Vamp 1:
He’s great, He’s great,
He’s great, our God is great!

Vamp 2:
You’re great, You’re great, You’re great,
Father, You’re great.

Vamp 1