So heavy laden and burdened down, I did not know just what to do.
So I went and I prayed for strength to endure
Jesus said be still and I will see you through


So I tried him and I know him, he’ll stick closer than any brother
Oh, I tried him and I know him, he’s been better to me than
I’ve been to myself. There could never be a friend as dear
To me as Jesus

Verse 2
So now when you go through, through your trials and your tests
Please don’t look, don’t look to men for they’ll let you down
Just remember there is just one, one, one, one, who’ll go with you
To the end His name is Jesus, Jesus, my Jesus, he’ll tell you
What, why, and when.

Choir I tried him
Leader I tried him
Choir I know him
Leader I know him
(1st) He has never failed me yet
(2nd) he will be your constant friend
choir repeat