Now Jesus is the best thang
That makes me wanna sing
Wonda why ya name makes my praises ring…RING!!

1st round 2nd round he knock the devil out
He made the price for you and me that’s what I’m talk’n bout
It makes me wanna holla
It makes me wanna shout
Listen let me tell you what my lord’s about

He saved me he raised me
Jesus never left me
Even when I was in sin he still kept me

I think of his goodness and how it’s good for me
I shout hallelujah I got the victory

Martha Munizzi
Martha Munizzi
Martha, Martha, Martha… whoa!

Martha Munizzi she keeps the devil busy
Sing’n out praise with the songs she sings

Declare it to the enemy
Declare it to the enemy
Declare it to the enemy, that Jesus is the best thing! … whoa!