(Verse 1)
So I get a call the other day, just about to take off on a flight to L.A.
Something in my spirit, didn’t want to hear it
Can’t be that urgent, It’s gotta wait
They were trying to say that someone very close to me, had just passed away
You’ll never have another chance
I said all that to say, don’t wait another day

When was the last time you took a minute to show Him
When was the last time, you realized You owe Him
Your life is not your own
You didn’t get here alone
Let me put something on your mind, tomorrow’s not yours or mine
Don’t wait, don’t let this be the last time

(Verse 2)
You need a little more time in your morning just to pray
I’ll do it when I get home
When you get home, get on the phone
And the next thing your show is on
There’s no excuse that you can make to outweigh the sacrifice of life that He gave
You only have one life to live
And I’m sayin’ all that to say, don’t wait another day


No better time than now
You may never get another chance to get it right
So why would you hesitate
Would you be able to go if He came back today?
Just imagine if He, never gave His life for you
Tell me what would you do


When was the last time, I wanna know
When was the last time, the last time