I’m going to walk (I’m going to walk)
I’m going to talk (I’m going to talk)
I’m going to sing (I’m going to sing)
For the heavenly King (For the heavenly King)
I want to be there (When they march around the wall)
I want to be there (When the general roll is called)
They tell me that the half (Has never been told)
But the Holy Ghost (took control)
(I’m going to walk) For the father
(Sing) For the Son
(Shout) for the Holy Ghost Three in one
I’m on my way to heaven and I’m working to meet the king

Just listen, listen and let me tell you
Just listen, how I view the promised land
Just listen, so many have been tested and tried
But you’ve got to be born again

Your name and my name It won’t be called until we all get to heaven
And be in one accord I’m on my way to heaven to meet the King
Get right, get back I’m on my way to Heaven to meet the King