(Verse 1)
Here I am again, knocking at Your door
I know that I have sinned, but please let me in
You’re used to my mouth talking, but listen to my heart
Surely You can see, I really wanna be free
I’m chasing after You, I’m such a desperate man
And if you let me catch you I’ll be
Yours, Yours, I’m Yours

(Verse 2)
I know I said this once before
You know sometimes I change, but You remain the same
Used to sing a song because there was a song to sing
But now I sing to You my God my King
Yours, Your�s, I�m Yours

No one else can take Your place
I’ve been in love before, but no one ever made me feel this way
No longer on my own, I’m never alone
Cause You’re with me Lord

Lord I’m Yours, Your’s, I’m Yours