Artist/Album: A7

V1 Pull up in my ride / Church doors open wide / Feeling sanctified / We be like Amen / Walk up to my pew / We know just what to do /After hollin alleluia / We be like Amen

Chorus Church time in the south be rocking it / All day, all night / No stopping it / Amen

V2 Preacher rise up / Keeping it pumped up / Passing peace and love / Amen / Now the people shout glory / As they give their testimonies / Everybody saying Amen / Now unto him / That can keep us from sin / Until we meet again / We be like Amen //

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge Don’t think it’s crazy / That we wrote this song / But, this how we rockin / When we church back home / No matter where we are when on the road / Church roots run deep and they go On and On

Vamp Chorus