Artist/Album: A7

V1: I know you live for the best / To reach the top is the quest But it seems like / Everything we touch turns to a mess / Even though the world may seem / To turn upside down / And we want to give up and say / My hope, my dreams aren’t worth while / Aren’t worth while //

Chorus: Please Don’t you let go / Don’t walk away / Everything will be okay / Don’t you let go / Don’t Walk away / Everything will be okay / Na, na, Na, na, Na, na, Na, na //

V2: I know you’re falling a part / Sad memories / Broken Hearts Trying to find away / Living a life / Lost in the dark / Even though vision Is fading fast / And feels just like the strength / You had / Won’t last, just won’t last //

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Time and time again / We always pray / Will there ever be a better day / I know you’re hurting inside / Been stripped of your pride / But I’ll be there to catch your tears when you cry //

Vamp Chorus

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