Artist/Album: Flame

Just think- just think about it
Won’t you just think about it

J-E-S-U-S is more powerful than the whole U-S
Can’t do Him like Judas did
Cause if I did, that would be
What foolish is
I don’t need all the fancy cars
I don’t need
To win the Grammy Awards
Lord I need You
Cause when
I’m low and need a battery charge
All the Grammy on the
Wall will offer me will be feeble
I need You like a coat in the
Winter time
You’re always faithful
Sure have been a friend
Of mine
I love Your table Ooo like it’s dinnertime
Grace on
The plate I sure have got a sinner’s mind
You bring life I
Presume with dying
Now I follow behind You like a funeral
Never knew what love was
But a, sending Your Son
Was a beautiful sign

You (It’s You, It’s You)
I never wanna live another day without You
(It’s You, It’s You)
I thought my way and my life was lost without you
(It’s You, It’s You)
No love, no breath, no me without you
(It’s You, It’s You)
It’s true I need you

Yes, J-U-S-T-I-F-I-E-D that’s what we need to
That’ll get You in the presence of God
Then Heaven’s
Like VIP only better though, O!
Nothing to compare to
Even that feeling when you get a new hairdo
He spared
You if you’re still alive
The perfect opportunity to spill to
I need You to get the props and praise
And never stop
You’re the rock of ages
I attest to nothing you made was
Cropped or pasted
Creation jaw dropping amazing we
Imitate You
We need You just to see our way
Jesus Christ
Is our V-I-A
Cause we all gotta
Get ready for the
Bridegroom to come
We’re kind of like the fianc