Artist/Album: Darius Brooks

Darius: When I was little, My mama told me to go pray. She didn’t have a clue. That I’d turn out this way. She said, Son don’t give up. The sun won’t shine all the time. And all I can tell you is that, Jesus is a Friend of Mine.


Standing…. (Standing on His every Word) Lord…. (Lord like you never heard) And I believe…. (Believe if I don’t fear) That the Lord…. (The Lord’s gonna be here). So I can’t…. (I can’t turn around now). Why? because He brought me ….(He’s brought me too far and out).

Bridge 1: (Darius alone) I don’t know what He is to you, But let me tell you what the Lord can do.

Put a word on the inside, That the devil can’t move. He even made my enemies, (Choir: Stoop down, yes He did). You wait just a minute. Don’t think He’s a liar. A footstool was only made, To take you higher.


Bridge 2: Verbs the word. Spin the verb. Lift those hands good God like you’ve heard.

Hook: Lock down soldier, (Lock down,) Lock down soldier, (Lock down). Lock down soldier, Lock down, Lock down soldier, Lock down.

Don’t you move or sway, (Lock down,) God will make a way, (Lock down,) if you lock down soldier…….

I heard the words of Jesus (Lock down), telling me to fight on (Lock down), Promise never to leave me (Lock down), if you Lock down soldier…

Lock down soldier, Lock down, Lock down soldier, Lock down!..