Artist/Album: Williams Sisters

{Partial Lyrics}

1) Another school year ended, children have lost their lives, all because they’ve taken prayer, Out of the one place it should abide. Now a mother looks at a picture of a face. That once wore a smile, She holds it close to Her heart, crying Lord that was my only Child!

Chorus: Lord we need You in these Perilous Times. (3x)

3) Drugs have taken the place of who use to be, Your friend, somebody’s mother, father, sister, & brother, even next of kin. Now it’s time to look To Jesus, (this is why) for He is our only hope. (Thank you Jesus) He’ll take the place, Of all the things you try to find in dope. Sisters will you help me sing…..

Lord we need You in these Perilous Times. (3x)

{{ VAMP:}} We need You… this world needs you Jesus! We need You! we need you Jesus! Trouble in the school house! We need You.

Thank you Jesus! Allelujah! (Lead Vocal preaches a little about the end times, quoting a 2nd Timothy 3:1 and Matt. 24:6-8 passage).

We need You, Lord, we need you. Thank you Jesus.