Artist/Album: A7

V1: I was talking to my girl name betty / Life wasn’t all so gravy / Seventeen had two babies / Her living situation was crazy / Aint got a home / Babies’ daddies left and gone / How perfect love went wrong / Now she’s all alone //

Chorus: That’s Life / Doesn’t suppose to be that way / So real / But reality can change / There’s love / Love is but a dream / Look up Look to heaven / Cause your life aint in these streets //

V2: I was hanging with my boy name Lee Lee / He said my fellas don’t know me / We were clubbing the night before / But this life I’m living / I’m not for sure / Trying to be a thug / Sipping on some bubo / When all I really need is / Peace and love //

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Life ain’t no fairytale / Sometime to get to heaven Got to go through hell / But you’ll see / It’s all worth while / That’s what makes us stronger //

Repeat Chorus