Artist/Album: John P. Kee

Verse 1
Don’t you be discouraged about your tomorrow
No matter the weather
There’s a brighter day coming I believe it
Things have got to get little better
Just a little faith the size of a mustard seed
Everything you’re waiting on
Will be guaranteed
There’s a new hope growing
Throughout the land
You might as well stand up with me
And clap your hands

Yes we can, yes we can
We can make a difference if we take a chance
A change is gonna come
So lift your voice and clap your hands
It’s gonna get, it’s gotta get better
We can make a difference yes we can

Verse 2
I’m looking forward to what is to come
It’s like the breaking of day, the rising of the sun
I knew my struggle wouldn’t last always
I dried my tears and I stood on my faith
So if you’ve been discouraged this song’s for you
Jump up on your feet and you can see along too
There’s a brighter day coming if you endure till the end
I’m gonna stay right here
Be encouraged my friend

I’ve come through the fire
Survived the raging storm
Endured the hills and valleys
Sometimes I felt alone
Ridiculed and criticized but my eye is on the prize
It’s gonna get better, it’s got to get better
We can make a difference, yes we can

Bridge 2
We can tell the mountain you’ve got to move
Yes We Can
We can speak to the illness; you’ve got to move too
Yes We Can
We can graduate first in our class
Yes We Can
Your dreams and your visions they will come to pass

(We can do) All things, Yes We Can