Watch Ye Therefore – Michigan State Mass Choir

Watch ye, therefore, ye know not the day
When the Lord shall call your soul away.
If ye labor, keep striving for the right;
Ye shall wear a golden crown.
(Repeat 2 times)
I shall wear a crown, I shall wear a crown.

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I Know The Plans – Martha Munizzi

I know the plans I have for you
I know just what you’re going through
So when you can’t see
What tomorrow holds
And yesterday is through,
Remember I know,
The plans I have for you

I know the plans I have for you Read More..

He’Ll See You Through (My Testimony) – Miami Mass Choir

Lead Verses:
Since I saw you last I’ve had some ups, some downs, some hurts, some pain- I won’t lie, I needed God to come revive my soul again- But it never got so bad that I gave in- in my weakest hour the Lord- He stepped right in- Read More..

There Is Hope – Mississippi Children’S Choir

Verse 1
People are dying everywhere,
drugs are taking them away.
children are crying all around,
a solution must be found.

Verse 2
Gangs are destroying all our schools,
no more interest in the golden rule;
they took prayer out of the class, Read More..

I Will Wait On You – Maryland Mass Choir

I will put my trust in you
Knowing that you’ll see me through
Though trials press on every hand
I will wait on you
I will wait on you

I will hope and rest in you
For I know you’ll see me…

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Sun Will Shine Again – Michelle Williams

The situation don’t look good.
I know you’d change it if you could.
The sun will shine again.
The trouble’s all in your mind.
Don’t run away, give it time.
The sun will shine again.

We all have times when we cry.
When the…

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I Believe God – Martha Munizzi

I believe God
His word is true
I believe God
What He said He will do
I believe God
He will always come through
I will choose to believe
I believe-God
[x3 or as necessary]

(There comes a time in every…

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Hallelujah Anyhow – Miami Mass Choir

Hallelujah anyhow, Never let your troubles get you down..
When trials come your way- Hold your head hig and say-
Hallelujah anyhow.
(Repeat in harmony)

Hallelujah (3X) anyhow.
Lord I praise you (3X) anyhow
Lord I love you (3X) anyhow Read More..

The Shepherd’S Song – Mississippi Children’S Choir

You say that you are my sheep,
why aren’t you following me?
You say that I am your shepherd,
why aren’t you following me?
My sheep hear my voice, they come running to me;
and you say I am your shepherd,
why aren’t…

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Great Things – Maryland Mass Choir

For I know the thoughts
That I think towards you
Thoughts of joy, peace and to prosper you

Though you may not see it now
Hallelujah, anyhow

There are great things in store for you

For I know the thoughts
That I think towards…

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