Receive Our Praise – Miami Mass Choir

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, (REPEAT)
Great is the Lord and just as great is His name.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords, how we love and
adore Jesus Christ, the great I am receive our praise oh Holy Lamb

Great is the…

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By Grace – Mississippi Mass Choir

Yes, I’m walking,
walking by the grace of God.
Yes, I’m talking,
it’s by the grace of God

Moving, breathing,
standing, signing

By grace, by grace,
living by God’s grace.

Walking, talking, moving by God’s grace.
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He Was Hung-Up For My Hang-Ups – Mattie Moss-Clark

He Was Hung Up for My Hang Ups
(written by Elbertina “”Twinkie”” Clark)
(recorded by Mattie Moss Clark)

Tenors: He Was Hung Up for My Hang Up
Altos: He Was Hung Up for My Hang Up
Sopranos: He Was Hung Up for My Hang Up


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I Believe In The Lord – Mighty Clouds Of Joy

Song Lyrics: Verbal Intro – May I see all the hands of all the believers in the House? God is good, all the time. all the things I’ve been through in my life, God was always there, stood by my side. He’s elevated my life in so many ways. And…

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New Season – Martha Munizzi

Hallelujah.Cause it’s a new season,it’s a new day yeah. His fresh anointing I can feel it, it’s flowing my way. Oh (4 x’s). It’s a season of power and prosperity.Yes it is.It’s a new season and it’s coming to me. Oh if you believe that lift your hands and say;…

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But By My Spirit – Mississippi Mass Choir

It’s not by power
And it’s not by might
That you have made a way
That you have made a way

It’s not by power
And it’s not by might
That you have brought me
That you have brought me through

It is no…

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Going To Heaven To Meet The King – Mattie Moss-Clark

I’m going to walk (I’m going to walk)
I’m going to talk (I’m going to talk)
I’m going to sing (I’m going to sing)
For the heavenly King (For the heavenly King)
I want to be there (When they march around the wall)
I want…

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He’S My Rooftop – Mighty Clouds Of Joy

Verse 1
For He’s my rooftop in the rage of the storm.
He’s my protector, there’ll never be no harm.
He is the bread that sits on my table,
my God can do it, He’s truly able.

I’m gonna serve Him,
I’m gonna serve…

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Name Above All Names – Martha Munizzi

Emmanuel, El shaddai, Elohim, Adonai (X4)

You are the Name above all names
The great I AM you never change
You are the powerful Lion of Judah
Your are the Son that lights my way
Your Name is worth to be praised
You are Jesus…

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Real Joy – Miami Mass Choir

You talk about joy,
I’ve got real joy
You talk about peace,
I’ve got real peace

Every since the Lord came into my life,
He gave me something that I never had before
Gave me joy when I’m sad,
Peace whenever I’m mad

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