Never Let You Go – Micah Stampley

Verse 1:
My soul will thrist,
my heart will long,
my gift will offer an empty song
without You in my life.

I’ll lift my voice,
but I’ll still be lost,
You will not hear unless I draw near,
said I need You…

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Follow Me – Maurette Brown-Clark

You live a life of ups and downs
Of here today and gone tomorrow
Oh changes you can’t control
They fill you with gloom and sorrow
But My own they call me
A shelter in the time of storm
And if you desire more…

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Do Your Dance – Marvin Sapp

Do Your Dance
by Marvin Sapp
Written by Paul D. Allen and James Moss
from CD: Nothing Else Matters

I’ve been saved all my life
Doesnt’ mean that there’s no fight
In the midst I think about my victory
Because I know he’ll deliver…

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God Has A Chosen People – Mississippi Mass Choir

Chorus 1:
God has a chosen people,
those that make Christ their choice,
their choice, their choice.

In olden days, a nation was chosen,
but when they didn’t live up to their part,
God sent His only begotten Son,
by choosing Him, would…

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Never Say – Mighty Clouds Of Joy

Never Say
I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon
I’ve never seen a falling star
I never may make millions
I may not ever travel very far
But in my lifetime,
I’ve had many bumps and bruises
I’ve got a probelm when somebody says Read More..

He’S Great – Micah Stampley

Verse 1:
Great is Your love, great is Your power,
great is Your wisdom so we worship You.
Great is Your knowledge, great is Your strength,
now and forever yes, we worship You.


Verse 2:
Great is Your goodness, great is Your wrath,

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Even In The Rain – Maurette Brown-Clark

Even In The Rain
by Maurette Brown-Clark
Album: By His Grace

Never said the way would be easy
Didn’t guarantee a permanent smile
Everyday can’t always be sunny
Rain has got to come afterwhile

That same rain has a purpose
To wash your tears…

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Do You Know Him – Marvin Sapp

Do You Know Him
(written by Tamieka Hall, Monique Headley, Marvin Sapp, Verdena Charláyne Taylor, Tommie Walker )
(recorded by Marvin Sapp)

Do you know Him?
Do you know Him?
Do you know Him, do ya do ya?

Verse 1:
He rolled the stone…

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God Gets The Glory – Mississippi Mass Choir

Who Alone Is Worthy Of All Honor And All Praise
The Maker And Creator Of Heaven And The Earth
The Birds The Flowers And The Trees
The Rivers The Oceans And The Seas
At His Command They All Came To Be

He Hung The Stars…

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Movin’ – Mighty Clouds Of Joy


I can feel the spirit movin

All over me
(Repeat 3xs)

Oh I can feel it…

Feel it movin all over me

I’ma say that again
I can feel the spirit movin

All over me

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