Latter Rain – Men Of Standard

Restore the joy, remove the pain, dry tear-stained eyes, send latter rain
If You don’t come, all hope is lost, to them that trust, trust in the cross
Thy power’s strong, please hear our song, send latter rain
The omen we seek is not in vain, our…

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It’S Gonna Rain – Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers

1. Sop: Can’t you see the cloud gathering
Alto: Don’t let it be said too late
Tenor: There’s a brand new feeling in the air
Bass: Better run to the ark, before the rain starts

2. Lead: You better come on in this house it’s gonna rain Read More..

Sign Me Up – Marvin Yancy

Sign me up for the Christian jubilee,
write my name on the roll.
I’ve been changed, since the Lord has lifted me,
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes,
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes.

I wanna be in the number,

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Be Strong & Courageous – Michael W. Smith

My servant, now your time has come
You have a job to do
I have a people to be led
And a willing heart in you
So I give you strength and courage
And I’ll hide you in my hand
For joshua, you gotta…

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Write My Song – Marcus Cole

Your my Savior,your the lover of my soul
Write my song,
Please Lord,
Write my song

My creator,
Your the one who makes me whole,
Write my song
Mystro write my song.

(Verse 1)
I was sitting here thinking of the possibilities, Read More..

In My Name – Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers

I’ll give you peace, when the storm is raging.
I’ll be your light when the road ahead seems dim.
I have the power. Just put your trust in me.
Anything you need, have faith indeed.
Just ask, Just ask In my name
Just ask, Just…

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Worthy Is The Lamb Slain – Marvin Winans

Worthy Is The Lamb Slain
(written by Marvin Winans)
(recorded by Marvin Winans & The Perfected Praise Choir)
(based on Revelation 5:12)

Verse 1:
Worthy is the Lamb slain, eternal life to gain.
We worship You, Lord as King.

Worthy is the Lamb slain, eternal…

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Away In A Manger – Michael W. Smith

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed
The little lord jesus laid down is sweet head
The stars in the sky looked down where he lay
The little lord jesus asleep on the hay

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Voice Of A Savior – Mandisa

Voice Of a Savior
Written by Sam Mizell and Matthew West

Some people try to listen to the bottom of a bottle
Some people try to listen to a needle in their arm
Some people try to listen to the money in their pocket
Some people…

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Last Time – Men Of Standard

(Verse 1)
So I get a call the other day, just about to take off on a flight to L.A.
Something in my spirit, didn’t want to hear it
Can’t be that urgent, It’s gotta wait
They were trying to say that someone very close to…

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